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Love where you live but tired of worn or outdated finishes? Are you ready to turn your historic home into a modern showpiece without losing its old time charm? Excel specializes in residential remodeling by giving owners what they really want: a well designed remodel that is appropriate, on time, and on budget.

Construction Documents
Detailed construction documents are more than basic plans required by municipalities; they assure your project will deliver what you need, how you want, at the price you expect. Don’t rely on off the cuff square footage numbers. Let Excel provide a detailed plan including thoughtful space planning and handsome architectural design.

On many residential remodels, construction documents—including floor plans—are often unused and/or undervalued. Many homeowners see detailed plans as an unnecessary expense. Experience shows otherwise! The best way to start your residential remodel is in front of a qualified and creative draftsman, space planner, or architect. A clearly defined project scope, including drawings, provide a roadmap for success. Loose agreements and unclear (or undefined) scope lead to (among other things); costly change orders, budget overruns, and schedule destruction.

Protect your investment and give your project the best chance at success by meeting with Excel early and often to develop a comprehensive scope and realistic budget.

General Contracting
If your construction documents are already complete, Excel will speedily provide a comprehensive and easy to understand construction proposal. One of Excel’s greatest strengths is transforming houses into showpiece homes. Working with distinguished designers, several of Excel’s projects are showcased in home shows, design tours, and magazine articles. Leverage Excel’s expert remodeling experience and gain access to a mature stable of prominent subcontractors and craftsmen.

Remodeling is more than a minor inconvenience. Even with the best contractor, construction is stressful, expensive, and very messy. Clients who choose to live in their homes while remodeling will appreciate the lengths Excel goes to make the process as painless as possible. For a clean jobsite and trustworthy and courteous employees, use Excel to transform your house into your dream home, while maintaining your sanity and protecting your pocketbook.

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